After negotiations with Professor Ihor I. Huk and under his direct assistance, we have taken a decision to open Ukraine Trade Center in the city of Vienna, the capital of Austria. Therefore we have combined our efforts and founded a company that has received the same name as in the UAE – Ukraine Trade Center. The only difference is that the new company may exercise commercial, publishing activities, render medical services and so on. These are the services for which there is great demand in the so-called triangle Ukraine – Austria – UAE. Of course, we are not opposed against business offers we receive from other countries; however, due to the fact that our offices are located in the mentioned countries, it is quite naturally that we shall consider, in the first place, the interests of Ukraine, Austria and the UAE. The main priorities, among our goals, are the popularization of advanced technologies and experiences in the sphere of medicine, accumulated by healthcare professionals from Ukraine and Austria as well as the transfer of this knowledge to our colleagues in the UAE. And, of course, we shall carry out the objectives of Ukraine Trade Center. First of all, it is rendering assistance and help to the people who need it. I am speaking not only about transplantation of kidneys but also about other complicated operations, including heart operations which cannot be performed, due to various religious reasons, in the UAE and other Islamic countries of the Gulf. At the same time, these operations could be successfully performed by experienced and highly qualified surgeons in the best clinics of Ukraine and Austria. In order to be able to implement this program, we need an efficacious company as business entities are much more flexible than academic institutes. Our next priority objective is the creation of an efficacious business infrastructure. First of all, we plan to acquire land plots for the construction of balneal resorts, spa hotels, rehabilitation centres for those patients from the “triangle countries” who will seek these services and follow recommendations of their doctors. Here I mean land plots both in Ukraine and Austria where there are wonderful climatic conditions in terms of rehabilitation. And the most important factor are our outstanding specialists in various fields of medicine: surgeons, transplantologists and others who have an extensive international experience. Besides, we plan to render services related with gaining access, for European businesses, to the markets of the UAE and Ukraine and vice versa, gaining access for the UAE’s and Ukrainian companies to the markets of Austria and other EU-countries. You see, it’s the same triangle. And this is very symbolic. You may examine the figure of triangle from different angles and you will realize that among other geometrical figures, the triangle is the most stable and rigid one. By the way, if you will look at the famous human figure inscribed into a circle and a square of Leonardo da Vinci (The Vitruvian Man) you will see that in the reality it consists of many triangles. Thus, the triangle is a symbol of hardness, strength and trust to each other which was a crucial point in the establishment of our own “triangle” – Ukraine – Austria – UAE. I hope it will be stable and successful one.